Where Can You Find the Fastest Internet Speeds Abroad?

Even though working remotely has become so much easier in recent years, most of that is due to the increasing speed and ubiquitousness of the internet. It really is the one thing that you absolutely must have access to if you want to work successfully on a remote basis.

However, although you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere in the world where an internet connection is hard to come by, one of the big differences between different locations is the speed of the connections that are available.

Speeds are getting faster all the time, allowing us to enjoy even more services. A fast and reliable broadband speed is essential for my work, as it is for many remote workers. Indeed, it’s so important that if a country is known to have particularly slow access I would think twice about staying there.

So where can you avoid any problems with internet speeds? Here are some of the countries with the fastest average internet speeds.

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Internet Speeds According to Akamai

The countries with the fastest internet speeds seem to change around all the time. Akamai Technologies releases statistics regularly in its State of the Internet Report, and its latest statistics for the second quarter of the year came out in October 2013 (take a look at its press release here). Here are the top 10 countries according to it research:

  1. South Korea (13.3Mbps)
  2. Japan (12)
  3. Switzerland (11)
  4. Hong Kong (10.8)
  5. Latvia (10.6)
  6. Netherlands (10.1)
  7. Czech Republic (9.8)
  8. United States (8.7)
  9. Sweden (8.4)
  10. UK (8.4)

As mentioned, these are just the latest figures, and other countries that have broken into the top 10 over recent years include Finland, Belgium, Bulgaria and Singapore. Various other countries also have a good reputation for fast internet speeds, with Spain, Canada, Poland, Taiwan, Portugal, Israel and Hungary all having been included in the top 20 countries with the fastest speeds in recent times.

Exact Location Matters

Don’t forget that this is just an average speed for the whole country, and that where you stay in the country will make a big difference. Look at the UK, for example. In the big cities, fast internet is easy to come by, but out in the countryside it is still hard to access in some areas. The same will be true of most countries, so take this into consideration when you choose a destination.

Use Internet Speeds to Plan Your Destination

If you’re still at the wonderful stage of planning your destination, keep the above information in mind. Living somewhere with fast internet speeds that are easily accessible can make your life a lot easier when you work remotely, so it is certainly something to consider.


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