Your Residency Options for Longer Stays Abroad

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If you travel abroad for a month or two to work in a new country, you may want to stay longer than the time limit on your tourist visa. So what can you do in such a situation? One option is to start looking into getting yourself a residency visa.

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Residency Visa Guide

The requirements for a residency visa will be different depending on the country where you are staying. You may need to have lived there for a few years in some cases, or you may find it easier to get one if you have family members in the country or if you have a large amount of savings.

Retirement visas and spousal visas are types of residency visas sometimes offered, and these usually have specific requirements before you are able to apply for one.

Despite the requirements being different in each country, usually a residency visa will provide you with the right to live in the country for as long as you want. However, certain rights, like the right to vote, may be withheld.

If there is a chance you may want to apply for a residency visa, it is a good idea to look into the requirements before you leave your home country. Criminal background checks are very common, and you may also have to start the process from your home country, so this is definitely worth finding out before you leave home.

Another Option: Renew Your Tourist Visa

In some countries you are given a tourist visa when you arrive. This lasts for a set period of time, often between three and six months, and you then have to leave the country before the time runs out.

However, in some countries you may find that when your tourist visa runs out you can simply leave the country and re-enter on the same day, pick up a new tourist visa and continue your stay.

Indeed, many people do this for years at a time. However, it is not a great long-term solution because you will remain a tourist in the country instead of a legal resident, and if you want to settle somewhere this is not really suitable.

Still, it is well worth finding out if this is an option before you travel abroad so that you are at least aware of it.

Apply for a Work Visa

The other option in many countries is to apply for a work visa, and with this you may be able to spend longer in the country while working legally. Work visas give you permission to work in the country for a certain period of time, but how long depends upon the country you are staying in.

They are different in every country and have different rules governing them. They may be cheap, they may be expensive, they may be a nightmare to arrange or they may be very easy.

However, if you are going to be working then it is a good idea to at least find out what is involved in applying for one so that you can keep it as an option.

Find Out About Visas Before You Travel

Visas can be very complicated things to sort out, so it is always a good idea to find out exactly what your options are in a country before you travel there. That way if you really like it and want to stay there, at least you have some idea of how you can do so. Otherwise you may have to leave earlier than you wanted to, which could ruin all of your plans.

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